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Bizarre personal injury cases: Queen of the slip and fall accidents

Posted by on Jan 25, 2016

Slip and Fall

Injuries and other emotional and psychological pain are a common cause for Personal injury lawsuits, since this injuries happen very often with or without your fault, there are numerous cases in the courts all around the country just due to simple and smaller injuries. However, personal injury cases as common as they might be for real, are sometimes staged by certain persons that think they could deceive the whole legal system of a country. You surely know about that innocent old people that are ready for everything just to earn some money, similar to them here is the example of the so called Queen of the slip and fall accidents.Visit check this hyperlink for help.

Isabel Parker, an old woman and a gambler addict made a career out of the slip and fall accidents. Isabel had a problem with gambling, and that was maybe the cause of her long term career in accident staging. She was in need of money so she could go and gamble, and what better option than to deceive your hometown’s companies. Supermarkets, malls, departments stores, and of course liquor stores were her targeted places. She was slipping and falling wherever she could, and then filed lawsuits.

She considered lawsuits to be her job, she paid attention when dealing with lawsuits, and used every opportunity to file one more. Isabel filed 49 false injury lawsuits and won every one of them.  In total she earned about half a million dollars from this false lawsuits. However even if she succeeded with these lawsuits, she did not face a happy ending. Only in New Jersey, she was found guilty of insurance fraud and theft, and that for 29 counts. She as a 74-year-old lady was sentenced to four years in house arrest.

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