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Bizarre personal injury cases: Livestock farmer

Posted by on Jan 25, 2016

Personal injury cases can be really time and money consuming if they are led in special circumstances, however, the majority of this cases resolves in less than five years and that under a presumption that they got to court, since more than ninety percent of these cases resolves outside of court, with an agreement.


Also many people asks themselves should they hire a professional, personal injury lawyer, or can they do that on their own, since lawyers services tend to be expensive, my recommendation and everyone else’s is that you should hire a lawyer since he or she knows what to do and how to win a trial.

Having a proper representative in court enabled most of the ordinary people to win a case against the most important and major companies. However not all personal injury cases are serious, there are some that might make you laugh and that you would not believe if you heard about them somewhere else.

Farmers are the ordinary people, they take care about their livestock and live peacefully on their properties. However when something unusual happens they easily file a lawsuit, just like anybody else, Ivor Bennet was a farmer in Devon, United Kingdom, and one night in the process of calving, his Iphone disappeared. And as he said, his mobile phone ended up in the back end of his cow. Now this might sound strange and even outrageous to you, but wait a minute, he was not doing something perverse or sick as you might think, while assisting his cow during calving, he was using his Iphone’s torch as a light source. After certain amount of time his Iphone appeared, and when he tried to turn it on, naturally it did not work. Upset that his phone is not working, he filed a suit and the Insurance company had to pay his claim in the full amount.

Now, this farmer might done this himself, but the fortunate outcome of this trial is surely the merit of his lawyer. A good personal injury lawyer and you can get a compensation even if your personal cow is guilty for the disappearance of your phone. Check continue reading on this link page and search for help.

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