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Bizarre personal injury cases: Bride on fire

Posted by on Jan 25, 2016

Injuries can happen different ways, and you do not even have to be responsible for it, in the majority of personal injury cases certain person is found guilty of inflicting injuries which is the cause of damage and punitive compensation you can get at the end of the trial. Luckily, more than ninety percent of injury cases do not end up on court and you can get your compensation from the person who inflicted the injuries and an apology when they are really sorry and you do not want to spend your time and money on the court trial. However when you are very affected by some event and you want to get compensation for your stress and emotional pain you could achieve your goal in the court.For more information visit click resources.


Wedding days are usually a thing you remember by all the beautiful things that happen, that make really great memories, the things you want to remember from time to time, however this wedding was a little different. Everything was going great for Paula and her husband to be, they were getting ready for their big day in Rimini, Italia, and just a little after the ceremony, the most unbelievable thing happened.

Paula came a little too close to the barbeque and her gown was caught in fire. Her wedding dress was hand-made and beautiful, the barbeque surely did not help it. Paula’s perfect dress got on fire, the thing no woman would want for her wedding day. Fortunately, her husband was very clever man and he picked her up in her burning dress and jumped with her in the sea, luckily the both of them knew how to swim. Surely not a wedding you would want, but at least nothing worse happened.

Since her gown was very important to her, just like the whole wedding, she decided to file a lawsuit against the insurance company. Without going to court and spending precious time and money, the insurance company decided to pay for damage but only fifty percent, and they did it you could say out of sympathy.

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